This is how LEO Hearted works:

  • Acknowledges and shines light on the officers and organizations already in place that are working to strengthen community and law enforcement relations.
  • Supports their efforts with not only monetary donations, but also physical hands-on help by way of volunteer groups.  
  • Empowers these officers and organization to continue building and working together


LEO Hearted has upcoming volunteer opportunities. Each event, LEO Hearted partners with a different community group and participates in an event that is representative of their community. In addition to these volunteer events, LEO Hearted holds various problem solving events and social gatherings throughout the year as well. Follow our calendar on Eventbrite https://www.eventbrite.com/o/leo-hearted-12600691700

Through these low-impact and enjoyable events, cultural barriers begin to weaken. It creates a sense of insight, understanding, and community. The participants begin to see that whether you identify as black, white, blue, green, or orange…we are all human, enjoy many of the same things, and are more alike than different. The visual logo and LEO Hearted brand is a way for both law enforcement and members of the community to equally show solidarity for one another. LEO Hearted is not only apparel, it is a community. A community that consist of both law enforcement and community members working together to create a culture of understanding.


LEO Hearted can also be reached on social media.

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