How LEO Hearted Works

Each and every LEO Hearted donation does the following three things:

1-Acknowledges - Brings the QDR (Quarterly Donation Recipient) due acknowledgment and raises awareness of their activities in the quest to build trust and strengthen relationships between the law enforcement profession and communities served.

2-Supports - The mission these people and organizations have embarked on is no easy task...sometimes that pat on the back and "Ata Boy" go a long way. Letting the QDR know you acknowledge and support them, and their work can be more encouraging than you think. Sometimes giving them the second wind they need to renew their enthusiasm in those trying moments.

3-Empowers - Let's face it and finances unfortunately become an important part of the endeavor. Many of the QDRs are either financing programs out of pocket or spending countless hours fundraising to finance their quest in positively impacting their communities. Each donation at is your way of helping to lighten the financial burden for the QDR and allows them to focus on the task at hand.

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