Sponsored Organizations

LEO Hearted will now be hosting merchandise for our sponsored organizations. A LEO Hearted sponsored organization is an organization that may serve a specific community outside of law enforcement, however, makes sure they are also aiming to strengthen ties and build trust between their community and law enforcement. Be sure to check out their collection of merchandise in the "Support" section.


Sponsored Organizations

Foster Care Unplugged Foster Care Unplugged is focused on enriching and developing the lives of youth in foster care and is committed to promoting positive outcomes for disadvantaged children at risk to being placed in the child welfare system.


BE A BETTER ME FOUNDATION - The BE A BETTER ME FOUNDATION (BBMF) was founded by Officer Lamar Sharpe of the Canton, Ohio Police Department. The BE A BETTER ME FOUNDATION is a community based foundation designed to help empower and encourage youth, on and off the right path in life, to see the good in themselves & others​.